A. V. Home Care Services



A.V. Home Care Services was founded 35 years ago by a small group of women intent on providing reliable in-home support service for the elderly and infirmed. Up to that point, area people could only hire privately for the help they needed to remain independent in their homes. There were no safeguards in many of these arrangements, no standards of care, no reporting and communication of critical client changes. In a very real way, A. V. Home Care Services was born out of a real need for quality care.  Today, as always, the work of our Nurse Supervisors,  Homemakers and Licensed Nurse Aides quite literally means the difference between quality of life in the comfort and security of one's own home versus institutionalization.

Licensed Nurse Aides bathe frail elderly men and women, help to dress and groom them and remind them to take their pills.

Homemakers cook, clean, run errands, do laundry and essentially assure that the household environment continues to flow as it should--continues to be a safe haven. Our work has enabled families to remain together, caregivers to stay strong under caregiver burdens, and clients to rest easy knowing their needs are managed with skill, compassion and respect by professionals. That is not only our mission as a non-profit, charitable organization, it is also our pride. 

We have been blessed by an elderly woman named 
Dorothy who wanted to help people through A. V. Home Care. We followed her inspiration.  

Our most recent service has been to help busy professionals, families on the go, singles who don't want to be tied down with the
housecleaning, ANYONE who is interested in outsourcing their daily, weekly or seasonal chores