A.V. Home Care Services


1- Why do I need your agency’s services?

Through our services you have access to qualified caregivers with a variety of skills to help your loved one, whether he or she is elderly, disabled, frail or homebound.  Two things make us unique.  

First, we know our caregivers and are invested in the quality of work they produce.  By maintaining a respectful professional relationship with them, we assure that they give our clients only the best service.  

Second, when we match these caregivers with you, we place as much value on their personality and attributes as we do on their skill and experience.  This is key to your being happy with our help.  Most especially, it keeps your caregivers motivated to meet your expectations every time they are in your home.

2- What service plan is right for me in my situation?

Our goal is to provide you with the level of support that is just right for you and your circumstances.  We strive to strike the right balance between what makes you feel safe, secure and comfortable (taking into account service plan costs) with what you need for privacy and peaceful quiet time.   Our nurses check back with you periodically to make adjustments to your plan as you need.

3- What kind of standards does the agency assure?

AV Home Care maintains extremely high standards. Employees are provided with training and supervision regularly.  Employees are chosen after participating in an interview, providing excellent references, background and drivers checks and solid evidence of assignment responsibility and accountability.

4- Why shouldn’t I hire someone privately instead of going with your agency?

AVHCS covers all of the administrative and employment headaches for you!  We take care of payroll taxes, liability insurance and workman’s compensation, and we also offer substitutes if your usual worker is absent.  We manage issues as they arise and take the burden off of you and your family.  In addition, you have the added value of professional advocacy by our nurses should you have any questions or concerns.

5-What if I don’t mesh with the caregiver that you think is right for me?  

Just let us know, and we will go back to the drawing board to find the worker who matches your expectations best.  We believe that this is critical to your satisfaction and contentment at home.