A.V. Home Care Services

Respite Means Rest

No one can work non-stop without a break. No one should. 

Family caregivers often put the needs of their loved ones before their own, struggling to strike the right balance that is life, health and sanity-saving.  With too much to do, tight budgets, time constraints and personal/work pressures in their own lives, family caregivers often don’t even realize that there are resources to lighten their care burdens, even for a short time.

A.V. Home Care Services can help through its Respite Support Program, dedicated to helping family caregivers get the time away that they need. The beauty of the program is that there does not need to be a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia for families to receive help (as has been the case with past funding).  Also, support is for anyone in the community, not just the families of our current clients. The only eligibility criteria are that the caregiver is the primary person responsible for the welfare of his/her loved one, and that there is daily, in-person contact by the caregiver with his/her loved one. 

Respite visits can be for a short few hours or for a few days, depending on the family caregiver's need.  Coverage is scheduled through the AVHCS office here at 795 Main Street, and as with all of our in-home visits, is supervised by our nurse managers.   Whether for daily companionship or supper and tuck in services, our Companions, Homemakers and Health Aides are a godsend when you need a break. 

For more information, contact us, at 603.752.7505.

We are happy to share our resources to lighten your load, even for a short while. 

It helps, and you deserve it!