Gift Certificates

We all want to give the perfect gift... 

At A. V. Home Care Services, we help you to give to your loved ones, with ease and security while respecting their privacy. So, if you want to assist someone with their monthly cost-share who you know to be a current AVHCS client, you may:

  • click on our link above and pick the desired amount you want to give (minimum $25)

  • print your gift certificate

  • and let your loved one know that he/she can then send it to us with their next monthly bill.

Here are just a few other Gift Certificate options for you:

1.   Get Well Gift Certificates really help someone after a hospital stay, surgery or as they recuperate from an illness.  It’s never fun to clean, but it’s even harder to be “laid up” and forced to look at the mess, no matter how small.

2.   New Mom Gift Certificates are the perfect way to say, “Savor every moment with your beautiful bundle of joy.”   We can clean house, shop for groceries, do laundry…anything to help the new mom adjust.  This is a gift especially appreciated in that time before the new mom’s own mother arrives to help with the baby!

3.   Mother's Day / Father's Day Gift Certificates show your parents that yes, you learned to spend your hard-earned money wisely and for something practical!  We can help your parents with routine cleaning, or special tasks…ironing dress shirts and pants is a favorite of our customers.

4.   Holiday Gift Certificates assure that “…the most wonderful time of the year” is best spent on the fun part.  At the holidays, let us handle the prep work and clean-up before company comes, or even to drag out decorations and put them up.

5.   Special Occasion Gift Certificates provide help for anyone preparing to host a gathering in their home.  We can even help set up/serve/and clean at the actual function!  Call for details.

6.   Move In – Move Out Gift Certificates provide an extra set of hands for anyone needing help with sorting, packing, labeling and cleaning as you go.

7.  Surprise Gift Certificates pay your loved one’s AVHCS bill for a month.

8.  Seasonal Cleaning Gift Certificates ease the work of transitioning from one season to another (think, winter clothes out of the attic, cleaning window fans).

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