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Private Donations

Today, competition is higher than ever among non-profit organizations as we try to find new sources of revenue, build a loyal donor list, and remain in the forefront in families' minds when they make memorial contributions and express their appreciation for the services they received.  This is an important aspect of the non-profit sector, to appeal to stakeholders so that their loyalty and help translates into sustainability of our mission to help others, whatever form that help takes.

An important aspect of giving that we never take for granted is the unspoken trust of our donors.  With their financial boost comes a message of trust and respect, an powerful endorsement to “Keep going” and with their help, we do.  Charitable giving is about keeping faith alive.  Charitable receiving is a privilege.

Here are a few of the ways you can help us in our efforts to bridge the gap between the need for professional home care services in our communities and the availability, affordability and quality of those services.

  • Contact your legislator(s) to discuss the critical support that home care provides for our elderly and disabled and their loved ones. Your voice is a powerful tool for educating lawmakers, consequently, for influencing public policy.

  • Volunteer as a companion for Home Care by calling us today at 752-7505. Many clients are lonely and would appreciate a game of cards, someone to bring the paper and discuss the events in the news, to help them write letters or cards, anything to help them feel connected and that there is context to days that can blend one to the next. Isolation devastates, but conversation, socialization and shared time keep all of us vital and alive!

  • Share your success stories of Home Care whenever you can, in your newspaper's "letters to the Editor", anecdotally with coworkers and friends, in public forums where funding matters may be decided for agencies like ours.

  • Consider Gifts of labor, rather than those that are wrapped. From new mothers, to your elderly parents, friends who are moving, relatives who have hosted you for a party or a weekend stay, sometimes a helping hand is more valued by a gift recipient than another item they may not need. By purchasing housecleaning, companion time, respite, errands, laundry or personal care services from A. V. Home Care Services, you give order, time, security, comfort, and peace of mind to the recipient. In addition, you help to keep great workers employed, doing what they love best while supporting professional home care in your community.

  • Think of us when you make memorial donations, Christmas contributions, or when you choose a charity to endorse. Charitable contributions allow us to respond quickly and with discretion to a family’s home care need when it presents itself without having to wait for red tape.

  • Think of us when you need a break. Life today is complicated and busy!  The Homemakers, Companions and Licensed Nurse Aides at A. V. Home Care step in when you need to step aside for a little bit. No guilt, just peace of mind.

  • Pay It Forward with our growing number of “Dorothy’s Gift” givers.   It’s still safe to believe!

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