• Integrity of person and service
  • Continuing education and skills improvement
  • Health and balance at work, at home, in the self, in relationship with other
  • Collaboration for the betterment of the community
  • Responsible stewardship of public funds and resources
  • Open communication
  • Happiness at work, balance and benefit of the doubt
  • Client-centered care
  • Service to our own staff that is equal to our client care   


A.V. Home Care Services aims to maintain, strengthen, improve and protect the quality of the home and family life therein for individuals and families.  

Board of Directors

A.V. Home Care Services is fortunate to have a Board of Directors that is committed to our charitable mission, involved in the business of serving others through the work of agency oversight and guidance.  Board of Directors for 2018-2019 is as follows:

  • Berni Hallgren, RN, Chair
  • Laurie Bryant, RN, Vice Chair
  • Karen Eichler, RN, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Claudette Moynihan
  • Marge McClellan
  • Cindy Morin
  • Mitch Couture
  • Candice Santy

Contact Us: 1-603-752-7505

A.V. Home Care Services