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Have you ever thought that you will never get caught up with all of your housework? You may be right! There is so much in life that competes for our time, energy and attention.  Yet, some people have cleaning down to a science, proudly working their reliable system for getting it all done, top to bottom, white-glove ready, all on a schedule.

Thankfully, many of them work here at A.V. Home Care Services and are ready to help you if you are not one of the chosen few who loves to clean.  So, if you are a working mom, or a sandwich-generation caregiver for your family, consider the gift to self of outsourcing your housework.  We know.  Many are hesitant to hire, clearly because they feel strange having people come to their homes unless it’s clean!!!  What a strange reality it is to feel as though the house must be clean before the cleaning lady comes, but it’s common! 

How do you decide what to delegate?  Here’s a few helpful tips:

  • Decide which cleaning you dread to do or procrastinate the most.

  • List those tasks that require the least amount of decision-making and are easy to complete in a prescribed time period.

  • Determine what is time or labor intensive, detailed and tedious, or simply not your forte, tasks that you would want someone else to do just because you are bored doing them.  Prioritize this list.

  • Consider those tasks that you want to do, but that need another person working side-by-side with you to tackle most efficiently and effectively. 

Once you have a clear idea about the help you really would appreciate most, give us a call.  One of our supervisors will make a quick visit to your house to review your goals for our workers, answer any questions, estimate time frames and recommend personnel best able to address your needs. We also make sure that our care coordinators are there for your first housecleaning visit to assure that our worker completes your to-do list as you expect and that they are a good match for you.  And, just as with our mission-based clients, you and your personal information is kept strictly confidential.  There is no sharing information about you or your possessions with our staff.

So, whether to be an extra pair of hands as you go about your cleaning routine, or to complete a one-time project once and for all, our professional homemakers have the experience and organizational skills to make “light work” of your household priorities.

Also, please consider how we may help you the next time you are hostess to any gathering at your house, like a bridal or baby shower, jewelry or cooking party, or holiday dinner.  Either before the special event or afterward as you face the clean up, AVHCS can be your most prized hostess gift (to yourself)! 

You won’t believe how easy it is to have everything on that to-do list done.

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