For Your Protection

Client Safeguards:
To ensure your security and peace of mind, all AVHCS workers are carefully screened and selected. Our pre-employment and periodic employee checks include:

  1. Criminal background and motor vehicle checks
  2. Pre-employment physicals
  3. TB testing
  4. State of NH Adult Protective Services Registry
  5. Board of Nursing License Check and
  6. Federal Sanctions Medicare List

In addition, we assure that our staff:

  • Has liability and workmans' comp insurance
  • Uses protective equipment for your safety
  • Receives on-going training

For more information, contact us at 603.752.7505

A.V. Home Care Services


Protect from Imposters

Tips from Home Care: know how to protect yourself from home care impostors!

Recently, we at A.V. Home Care Services have learned that people posing as home care workers are seeking entry into the homes of elderly and recently hospitalized people, “for safety and medication checks.”  These people claim to have been sent by the medical office or physician of the person in the home, are dressed in scrubs to look official, and know a bit of medical lingo to sound believable.

BEWARE of anyone who you do not know trying to gain entry into your home for these reasons.  Legitimate home care workers are assigned only after an official “intake” process has taken place with a case manager or nurse, who does an assessment, has paperwork signed, etc.  It is a process that takes time, and includes review of client rights and responsibilities, contact information for the agency you are working with, printed materials, a file for home with a treatment or care plan in it, among other things.

Look for these signs of a legitimate home care service before you are targeted and taken advantage of:

  • Agency personnel always make phone calls with you to set up an appointment in advance of any visit, to let you know the day/time and worker who will be going to your home. 
  • Workers from licensed home care agencies are mandated to wear namepins.  These can look differently, one agency to another, but you should feel free to ask for identification if they are not wearing one.
  • Ask for the name of the agency who has sent any worker at your door.  Get the phone number and tell them you will call to inquire about their claims with the agency. 
  • Do not allow any stranger access in evening hours or on weekends, these are “off hours” and are certainly times when you would KNOW if someone was legitimately assigned to you. 
  • Protect yourself with a life alert if you need one.  Pressing that button can be your lifeline in more than one situation! 
  • Call the police with any concerns, it is not silly or a bother, it is for the protection of us all!