Administrative Staff:

Tara MacKillop, MS, Executive Director 
Barbara B. Patry, Finance Director

Lisa Farnum, Client Services Coordinator

Office Staff: 

Susan Kelley, RN, Nurse Supervisor
Jocelyn Corriveau, RN, Nurse Supervisor
Gabrielle Dumont, AS, Payroll/Bookkeeper

In Home Staff: 

Licensed Nurses Aides 


AVHCS nurses function as home care case managers for every one of our clients, most directly with our clients in State-funded programs.  This means that they follow each client over time, making changes to service plans as needed and generally being a valued resource of information and help for the client and family over time.   AVHCS nurses also train and supervise our in-home staff, coaching them to address the unique needs of each client safely, efficiently and thoroughly.

Licensed Nurse Aides (LNA's):

AVHCS LNA’s are also referred to Home Health Aides.  They have completed an LNA course and passed its associated exams in order to be licensed by the NH Board of Nursing.  They are required to have continuing education yearly in both hospice and home health levels of care.  LNA’s are skilled at assistance with personal care, including:

  • Bathing, dressing, grooming

  • Toileting

  • Oral hygiene

  • Ambulation and transferring (bed to chair, for example)

  • Assisting with therapist-prescribed exercise regimes

  • Shampooing and hair styling

  • Medication reminders and assistance

  • Respite Care (for caregivers to get a break)  


AVHCS Homemakers have gone through specialized training that is based on standardized models of home care practices.  They are skilled at assisting at-risk clients and families in their management of their households.  There are many levels of support, from basic check-in and spot cleaning, to routine errands and cooking, to daily presence in home with all of the homemaking services done.  The client’s service plan is person-centered, meaning that the client’s specific needs and wants very much determine what services they ultimately get, and how often.  Homemaker services are considered mission driven, that is, they are derived from our non-profit status and pledge to the community to take care of those in need.  


A.V. Home Care Services