What We Offer

Assistance with Personal Care (bathing, dressing and grooming)

Assistance with prescribed therapeutic exercise 

24/7 care as needed

Tuck-in services

Assistance with Homemaker Services


Meal planning and preparation 

Errands and groceries

Prescription pick-up

Respite (support of caregiver)


Mother's Helper 

Cleaning and organizing "Second Home" for summer residents 

Packing to move

Light Seasonal Cleaning 

Special Occasion preparation, set-up and clean-up


Health Aide/Homemaker Tasks 
Although our expertise in personal care services is second to none, we also pride ourselves on the quality of our house cleaning services. Tasks will be rotated as client prefers and time/visit allows and also over time if client has a regular schedule of services. 

In all rooms we: Wet wipe telephones, TV screens, light switches, doorknobs, and wall smudges 
Keep wastebaskets clean, and take out trash
Wash or dust items on walls, dust lamps and light fixtures 
Staff will assist in keeping equipment clean, such as, walkers, wheelchairs, commodes etc.

A. Bathroom: Wash sink, tub, shower walls, shower rod, and toilet. Wash mirror, light switches, doorknobs, towel bars, scale, hamper and all counter top items. Dry mop and wash floor. Clean over doorways, windows, windowsills, and baseboards. Periodically: Wash shower curtain, window curtains, inside windows, doors, and woodwork around windows and doors. Organize and wash bathroom linen closets and cabinets. 

B. Kitchen: Wash counters, table, sink, and appliances inside & out (we generally do not move out stove or fridge-too heavy). Dust furniture, all counter and tabletop items, over doorways, windows, windowsills, and baseboards. Shake out small scatter rugs and vacuum larger ones. Dry mop and wash kitchen floor with a sponge mop, washing edges with a rag, under appliances when possible and safe.
Periodically: Wash window curtains, inside windows, doors, and woodwork. Inside and outside of cupboards, defrost freezer, clean oven, wash knickknacks and damp wipe blinds or shades. 

C. Living Room & Bedroom: Change beds, pick up, sweep, dust furniture and woodwork, and shake any scatter rugs, dry mop or vacuum floors, upholstery, and carpets. Dust furniture, bureau and tabletop items, and any wall-mounted items. Wash telephone, TV screen, doorknobs, light switches, tops of doorways, windows, and baseboards. 

Periodically: Wash glass on pictures, tabletop items, inside windows, and woodwork around windows. Wash curtains, tidy closets, dust closet walls with a clean dry mop, wash closet floors, wash doors, move and clean boxes that are stored under the bed. Damp-wipe bedroom and living room floors. Clean under heavy furniture with proper cleaning supplies. Move end tables and small pieces of furniture as often as time allows to vacuum thoroughly. 

D. Laundry: Regular laundry (wash, dry, fold or hang). 
Ironing (as needed), and simple mending. 
Be aware of small items (dentures, hearing aids, or glasses) and check pockets prior to washing laundry. 

Periodically: Blankets, bedspreads, and curtains (using sturdy stepladder.) Airing out or washing seasonal clothes. 

E. Meal Preparation: Prepare, cook, serve and clean up afterward (includes homemade "TV dinners" which are prepared, labeled and dated.) 

F. Groceries & Errands: Usually no more than once a week. (Shop local to client. Other errands with surcharge for mileage arranged upon request). 

G. Activities with the client: Mail, reading or writing, taking for walk, teaching budgeting. Accompanying client to appointments if client uses public transportation. Companion at doctor appointments to insure client understands doctors' instructions. 

H. Emotional Support: Given as needed. 

I. Spare rooms: Extra rooms will be done according to client preference as time allows. 

J. Other: Sweep porches. Assist with packing and unpacking for move-ins or move-outs. Help in organizing your home in a more efficient way-by request only.

For more information, contact us at 603-752-7505 

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