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The Vision:

The AVHCS Vision Statement is meant to reflect what we at AVHCS hope to accomplish as part of the big picture.  It is our dream.  Each of us has personal dreams, professional or academic dreams.  These are necessary if we are to improve our lives, find courage to keep going during hard times, and stay focused. They give us reason to grow and stretch ourselves, to hope that things can and will be the best they can be.

AVHCS Vision Statement: “A.V. Home Care Services is dedicated to the integrity and well being of the community and its citizens as unique individuals.  This includes acknowledging the cultural, religious, educational and ethnic differences among people while maintaining a standard of fairness and equality in rendering care to them.”

The Mission:

The AVHCS Mission Statement reflects our daily purpose in the work we do on behalf of our clients and constituents generally.  Every day, each of us has a particular job to do, in the office or in client homes.  As employees of the agency, we all share in the mission when we accomplish that work, according to policy, up to standard, with a full heart.  

AVHCS Mission Statement: “The mission of A.V. Home Care Services is to responsibly provide the best possible homemaking, personal care and respite possible according to each person’s unique needs.”

Home Page

A.V. Home Care Services was founded 42 years ago by a small group of women intent on providing reliable eldercare services for anyone unable to manage life at home alone. Since that time, A. V. Home Care Services has carried the banner of quality in-home care for any at-risk adults who need assistance to live safely and contentedly at home.

A.V. Home Care Services’ Nursing Supervisors, Homemakers and Licensed Nurse Aides work every day to assure meaningful independence for our client’s in their homes through care management, bath care and household cleaning. We enable family caregivers to stay strong under caregiver burdens through our Respite Support Program. We also offer the "Better Choices, Better Health" program developed at Stanford University on Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop.  

A.V. Home Care Services has enabled thousands of families to enjoy life together despite the vagaries of aging and illness that affect all of us. As trusted health care providers in the North Country, our pledge is to assure that this pivotal support remains available and affordable for generations to come. 

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